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Why do I need an insurance agent?

by 09/10/2012

Can’t I just go online and get a life insurance policy? This is a more common question in today’s fast paced, internet world. So, back to the question; Why do I need an agent and what are the benefits of working with an agent to get a life insurance policy?

First, life insurance is complicated. Life insurance is so much more than how much coverage is needed.. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made when looking at a life insurance policy. Decisions like how much do you want to be covered for, to more complicated decisions such as, how long do you need to be covered, what do you want to happen after that time period, do you want to rent your policy or own your policy and of course what “riders” do you want included in your policy.

Riders are additions to policies that provide more value to the policy owner.

There are more common riders like disability coverage that provides a monthly income in the event the policy owner becomes disabled and can’t work, all the way down to child coverage riders. Riders are such an important part of today’s insurance coverage that it really takes a lot of time and expertise to know which company provides the best coverage, along with the best choice of riders for each individual’s specific need out there in the world. This is where a life insurance agent comes in. Especially an independent life insurance agent that has the freedom to use multiple companies. When an agent can shop multiple companies it gives them the freedom to understand what is important for a specific client and recommend the best plan, with the best company, and include the best riders to solve that specific clients needs. Most people don’t realize that there are over two thousand companies operating in America that offer life insurance. An agents job is to help the client to determine which company has the best plan for their needs and then help the client actually get approved for that plan. In the end, a very internet savvy person, with a great knowledge of the different riders and options of current life insurance policies could go online and pick a company and a plan and hope that they have found the right one for them. But for the next twenty to thirty years of their life they will have to wonder if they actually picked the right plan. Or the same person could take thirty minutes, sit down with a licensed life insurance agent and explain what their situation is and what they hope to protect and allow the agent to use their expertise to recommend the best plan, with the best company for them.

My clients certainly cherish the knowledge that they have the best plan for their specific situation and for the next thirty years of their life they do not have to wonder if they made the right choice all on their own. They have the peace of mind that they took the time to do it the right way, the first time.

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