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Why compare rates?

by 05/03/2012

For years, we in the auto/homeowners business have heard the following comments when asked would you like us to run a “competitive quote” on your policies? “I’ve been with my agent for years?” “Aren’t all insurance companies basically the same?” “I don’t have time”. “Don’t they charge basically the same rates?” With confidence we can say that insurance companies are as unique as people! They have different standards and cater to different groups often times. So with that in mind, the following note from a new client was evidence of these facts:

“This is hard to believe but true. Over the years we had been asked several times to compare our auto policies. Like so many people our thinking was that it would be a waste of time. We also thought that all insurance companies were basically the same, right? Additionally, we were insured by a company that catered to teachers and union members, people like us. This is what was hard to believe. We are now saving almost $950.00 a year with AIM - All Insurance not just this year but in the years to come. We are happy that Evelyn was able to help us understand that companies are like people…different from each other. In fact she found two different companies that would save us money. Of course we went with the one that saved us the most”.

So take the time to compare…you might be very surprised!

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