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Life Insurance for Single Head of Households

by Thy Voeun 08/07/2015

Let’s face it. It’s hard enough if you’re a single head of a household with only one income. What will happen to your family if you passed away? Would your family be able to maintain the life style you’ve been providing for them? Even worse, would they able to stay in their home if you pass away? These are some important questions to ask yourself if you currently have little to no life insurance enforce.

Providing for your family’s future has been your sole responsibility and you should still be able to continue your support even if you were to die prematurely. You see, the only thing that will give your family a known amount of money at an unknown time is life insurance. As you laid to rest, your insurance policies death benefit would continue to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and most importantly, peace of mind for your family.

I’ve also worked with clients who are the single head of a household with adult children that need no support from them if they were to pass away. So the need for life insurance might seem less important to these clients correct? When I ask the question; what if you suffer a heart attack and survive with limited ability, or receive a diagnosis such as invasive cancer with the need to make your house more livable to your needs, how will you pay for your medical cost? Over many years, I’ve offered many solutions using a more modern form of life insurance. Plans that offer living benefits included with life insurance at no extra cost.

For example, a client buys a $250,000 life insurance plan and now she/he suffers from invasive cancer. This policyholder now has access to 100% of his/her $250,000 life insurance in advance to help pay for medical needs. This life insurance policy has just turned into a benefit that protects you as the single head of household. Just like traditional life insurance, any unused death benefit would still be paid to your beneficiary’s tax free at you death. Being solely independent and not wanting to burden family members in case of a life changing event these are important options to consider. So when facing a life threatening diagnoses, this is life insurance you don’t have to die to use… money you would need when looking at a critical or terminal illness.

Most importantly, all of our plans are custom designed to fit whatever your family’s needs or budget. For more information, feel free to contact our office when considering a personalized custom tailored plan to meet your specific needs to fully protect you family’s financial future with living benefits as no extra cost.

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